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I am here and now in the consciousness of I AM, and I will continue in this spirit even if I revisit the past in doing so, for the first motives that led me to paint took place then, not now. Now a text that tells about it is being created. Let us do everything from the time the text is written to the time it is read without prejudice.
It is autumn 2008. One day I'm sitting in a chair and contemplating. "How will I use the time today?" I ask myself. I ask out loud. The answer I received was “try to paint”. I look for and take anything that I find in the house that can be used for painting. The first thing I take is the back panel from a closet, which I use for painting many times after when there is no money for canvas; and I start to paint. I am surprised by the confidence and ease with which I am painting. The painting consists of the bright faces of people, various beings, or rather the characters that emerge from their faces. Already when I was painting I felt a familiar feeling that was well known to me, as if I had painted before but have forgotten about it, and was now reminding myself. This was the first picture that I painted. That day I knew that painting will follow me in the years to come.
Weeks passed and I kept painting. I started to use acrylic paints and quality canvases stretched in frames. Canvas has proved to be the highest quality and best material for the painting method that I have chosen. At the beginning of my painting I was inspired by what I saw during my travels, and by the photos that I took during my life. This phase lasted a few months. During this phase of painting I began to notice the smaller patterns that were created spontaneously with brushstrokes and were more or less protruding from the painting. At the same time, the understanding that reality is more interesting than its best imitation has led me to develop my own techniques. From the very beginning I felt that the gift to create is both a base and a miracle; that, as well as the desire to paint, observational skills, the effort and the will embedded in intuition, complex brush strokes, and letting myself be led, together with other elements, contributed to a whole new creation. And so a new era of new art began, based on what man is naturally equipped with, plus certain bonuses. I leave details about my painting and my techniques that was created and developed and are still developing as the secret.

And somore weeks and months passed, and I moved from ocher color, which I used at the beginning, to all colors of the pallet. I have positively welcomed my handicap of color differentiation, because it led me to rely more on my inner sight, touch, and leadership. With increasing time and number painted pictures, the technique, method, and my approach to painting were getting clearer and I was more and more surprised. "Is it me painting, or someone else?"



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